Tokai Azumi Techno



Company Profile And History

Tokai Azumi Techno Co., Ltd. strives to provide customers with the highest standard in products and services. We want to support the manufacturing industry on a global level with advanced technologies, high precision, and high quality products.
Tokai Azumi Techno Co., Ltd. continuously tries to improve through even greater enrichment of the work environment and advanced technologies.
We are always in the process of evolving.


Greetings From The President

Tokai Azumi Techno Co., Ltd. manufactures high quality precision mold components using our advanced production management system. These mold components are used in precision molds for electronics companies, automotive electrical components and other products, and therefore are requested in domestic and overseas markets.

As current demand for high quality mold components increases, our company continues to expand both our facilities and staff while facing the challenge of providing even higher quality manufacturing.

Hidaka Yoshiaki, President