Tokai Azumi Techno


Tokai Azumi Techno

Our guarantee:

High quality, accuracy, flexibility & fast delivery.


High quality & High Precision

We specialize especially in manufacturing mold components, which require a high accuracy due to their complex shape and their richness in detail. We can guarantee absolute accuracy even on micro level. Tolerance: ±0.001µm~±0.005µm

High accuracy & Fast Delivery

After we receive the order, we will decide on the procedure. Based on the 3D data or drawings of the product, we offer our customers the highest accuracy and quality, while adhering to the promised delivery date.

Quality management

In order to keep the high quality, our factory has a special heating system that guarantees constant temperature 24 hours a day.


We manufacture highly precise mold components for a wide variety of articles such as digital cameras, communication equipment, digital devices, OA equipment and also medical devices.


The manufacturing of high precision medical instruments as well as high precision tools used in the production of pharmaceutics is one of our operating fields.