Tokai Azumi Techno

Precision Processing

High Quality And High Precision On Micro Level

We manufacture highly precise mold components for a wide variety of articles such as digital cameras, communication equipment, digital devices, OA equipment and also medical equipment.

We specialize especially in manufacturing mold components that have complex shapes and require high accuracy, since we receive numerous requests from our customers regarding these complex components.

Long Durability

In the past, we have been mainly working with electro-discharge machining (EDM) and wire cutting. But if you use these conventional methods also on especially hard materials, the accuracy will decrease due to cracks that could be caused by electric discharges. To achieve a long durability, we use high-precision machining like milling, even if it takes longer and is more expensive.

Material And Machinery


Processing Of Complex Mold Components

Especially complex mold components are round-corner shaped ones. They requires high technical knowledge to produce them. Every one of our technicans has the needed technical specifications and equipments.

We have established a high reputation among our customers regarding these complex shaped products.