Tokai Azumi Techno


Main Products



■ precision mold components for digital equipment
digital camera lens barrel mold components, ink-jet printer head mold components as well as mobile phone and tablet mold components

■ precision mold components for automobiles
precision mold components used to connect electrical equipment, other precision mold components, such as for fuel pumps and exhaust gas filters

■ precision mold components in relation to Semiconductors
Semiconductor (LED, LSI, IC, transistors, diodes) sealing moldings.
also: optical fiber connector, ultra-precision mold components, such as optical data links



NAK80 HPM38 ELMAX STAVAX ASP23 HAP72 A7075 and others

Dimensional Precision


Maximum Work Size

300 × 200 × 120mm


■ mold components for medical devices and pharmaceuticals
   precision mold components used for transfusions, components for medical micro-needles

■ office supplies related mold components
writing instrument mold components, such as ball-point pens

■ others
metal Yo-Yo, custom frame production e.g. for competitions
All of them were sold to yoyorecreation.


Product List

medical micro-needle mold

Material: SUS系 

filter mold component

Material: CuW


LED mold component

Material: STAVAX  
Hardness: HRC58

Puncher to pierce films

Material: HAP40 
Hardness: HRC64

Semiconductor mold components (correct?)

Material: PD613 
Hardness: HRC62